Community driven open-source service facilitating access to machine learning models for life science research

What is Koina?

Koina is a community driven endeavour to make AI models for life science research accessible. It is a service that tries to reduce the barrier of entry for using machine learning models in life science research by removing the need to set up and maintain the infrastructure required to run the models. The project is open-source and adheres to FAIR principles.

Koina is built on top of Triton Inference Server and enables hosting virtually any kind machine learning model. The models can be accessed via a REST API or gRPC and provides an OpenAPI document for documentation and making integration easy.

Check out the documentation to learn more about how to use Koina.

Get involved

There are two ways to get involved with Koina. You can either host an instance of Koina to make more open resources available to the community or you can add your own model to Koina. If you want to make your Koina instance available via koina.wilhelmlab.org, please contact us via E-Mail.

For more information on how to host an instance of Koina or add your own model, check out the links below.

Host Koina Add your model

Organizations hosting Koina

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